Poo the loo
Cams are a robotic adaption to other species. They were invented by Dommy Cammerella in the year 2893. They have inhuman strength, stealth, and the power to teleport through time and space.
The Cams


Cybernetic evolved 'mettalised' forms of other species

Planet of origin


Other home planets

Glammblee, Kanggert, Jiss Fliss, Dumbled

Year of Creation


Year of Destruction



Dommy Cammerella

First appearence

The Cams

Latest appearence

Humanity's Last Stand/Cam Jam/The Legend of Dommy Cammerella




During The Battle Of Jupiter, Earth sent some soldiers up into space, they were led by Dommy Cammerella. Cammerella and his crew lost many battles. When Cammerella's crew grew weak, injured, and ill, he 'mettalised' them. Thus, Camkind were born. The new Cams deserted their creator and The Battle Of Jupiter so that they could turn other humans and aliens into their species. The Cams made a vow to return to Dommy Cammerella when they had become a powerful army.

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